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ANNA TOMCZAK 10.11.14-11.30.15

BORROWED RELICS : the last of the polaroid transfers

Anna Tomczak, in conjunction with her solo show - Borrowed Relics at Scott Edwards Gallery in New Orleans, will also offer a 3 day Photo Encaustic, Transfer & Mixed Media Workshop November 7-9.  This workshop is for all levels. We will concentrate on the various methods of integrating photographs into the surface of various art papers, cloth, wood support & canvas.  Non-silver processes will be emphasized including blue print, photocopy transfer, as well as hand painting and acrylic transfers. Text methods will be demonstrated - hand printing with inks, rubbings, rubber stamp, collage, old-fashioned typewriter as well as computer generated text. Examples will be shown. Surface treatments will be introduced such as coating with wax and hand painting with encaustic (pigment in hot wax). The workshop will emphasize the photographic image, but is not limited to this and will include other modes of expression - drawing, poetry, collage and illustrations. You will learn skills that you can continue using in your home or studio.  Cost of 3 day workshop is $365, includes some materials.  A list of other materials required will be sent upon registration.  Registration is required, only 10 spaces available. For more info or to sign up please contact Scott Edwards.

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