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EUPHUS RUTH 02.07.15-04.12.15


Opening Reception: Saturday February 7, 7pm-12am

On Display: Front Gallery: February 5 - April 12 Back Gallery: April 16 - June 14

Scott Edwards Gallery is pleased to present Euphus Ruth - Cemetery Walker. This exhibition features Euphus Ruth’s most recent Ambrotypes of New Orleans & Mississippi Cemeteries. Each piece is an Original, One of a Kind Ambrotype created in the camera. “I spend a large amount of my leisure and photography time in cemeteries. Much of that time is spent walking and looking. These unique wet collodion plates are a visual representation of cemeteries I frequent in Mississippi and New Orleans.” Ambrotype Plates range in size from 10x12 inches to 12x20 inches.

Euphus Ruth lives in Greenville, Mississippi photographing primarily in the unique 19th century wet collodion process. He is known for using a Vintage Cadillac Hearse as his on location darkroom, as the wet plate collodion process does not allow for developing at a later time.

Wet plate collodion photography, invented in 1851, has experienced a resurgence in recent years as photographers turn to this antiquated method for its moody, haunting images and complicated, hands-on process.” Plates must be coated with silver nitrate & collodion, exposed, developed & fixed all within a 10 to 15 minute window or the final plate will be blank.

‘In the hands of Euphus Ruth, the large format wet plate collodion process becomes a magical ritual that enables him to enter his architectural subjects' pasts and return with metallic evidence of his time travels. Here time itself becomes another color on the artist's palette, or as he puts it, "This process evokes the mood and emotions of my mind's eye and often shows the soul of images that I strive to portray. I am most intrigued photographing cemeteries, rural landscapes and old architecture. The places of rural ruin, urban decay, old structures and cities of the dead are where I have always been comfortable behind the camera and are the places where I enjoyed exploring and playing as a child.’” - D. Erik Bookhardt with quote from Euphus Ruth from Inventing Reality (Luna Press)

Euphus’ work has been featured twice in View Camera Magazine as well as Luna Press’ “Inventing Reality.” His work has been exhibited in The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Co., LightBox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, Or., Gallery 136 1/2 in Manchester, Conn., Home Space Gallery in New Orleans, Barristers Gallery in New Orleans, New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, as well as Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Meridian Museum of Art, Mississippi Museum of Art & Mobile Museum of Art.

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