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de troit 02.08.14 - 06.07.14

Opening Reception: Saturday April 5th, 7pm-12am


Scott Edwards Gallery is pleased to present Joseph Crachiola - de troit. The title of the exhibition is an homage to the original French settlement. Detroit - "de troit" - was founded on July 24, 1701, by the French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.

“When I became interested in photography in the late sixties I was drawn to Detroit. I would occasionally venture downtown to Grand Circus Park or Washington Blvd or Belle Isle. As an eighteen year old with a camera, the city seemed so vibrant and full of life compared to the life I lived in a small town.”

Joseph’s career in photography began in 1971 as a photojournalist for a small newspaper outside of Detroit. He continued to live and work in the outskirts of Detroit until 1988, when he moved to the city. Much of his work concentrates on several specific areas of the city; the east side, Del Ray, the Cass Corridor and Downtown.

“My photography is a response to the world around me in which I attempt to search for some level of truth. Although the work is rooted in the traditions of documentary photography, I am fully aware that true objectivity is impossible. The truth I speak is my truth. This collection of photographs represents what interested me; the architecture, the streets, people on the fringe. I watched and photographed as my beloved city deteriorated from what was once a bustling metropolis to a shadow of its former self.  I have always loved Detroit in spite of its flaws. I always will."

Joseph’s work includes Black & White Silver Gelatin Prints and Color Pigment Prints for sale in limited editions.
Joseph Crachiolas’ work has been exhibited in many galleries, including the Cranbrook Art Museum (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan), Detroit Artists Market, Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center (Detroit), River’s Edge Gallery (Wyandotte, Michigan), and others. The work is held in a number of private and corporate collections, and is included in the permanent collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, the Kresge Museum at Michigan State University, the Mira Godard Collection at the Ryerson Museum, Toronto, Canada and the Detroit Institute of Arts.


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